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The photos being used in design of these wallpapers have been made by the members of our Society during their trips in Kazakhstan in 2005-2006. These journeys were connected with the work over the Avalon Kazakhstan eBook and let us see all the magnificence and diversity of this country. We invite you to look at Kazakhstan, its natural and architectural sights, through the eyes of travelers from Karaganda.

Young sprouts of pine, the Karkaraly Mountains, Central Kazakhstan

Moslem cemetery, Central Kazakhstan

Hall of Ecological museum, Karaganda, Central Kazakhstan

Ishim River, Astana
Building of the company KazMunaiGaz, Astana
Ishim quay, Astana

Molodezhniy, Lokomotiv and Sovetov Peaks, the Zailiyskiy Alatau Mountains, Zhetysu

Ozernaya River valley, the Zailiyskiy Alatau Mountains, Zhetysu

Television tower on the Koktyube Mountain, Almaty, Zhetysu

Restored street of old Turkestan with the Khodja Akhmed Yasavi khanaka, South Kazakhstan

Tekturmas Architectural complex, Taraz, South Kazakhstan

Lake Pashennoye, the Karkaraly Mountains, Central Kazakhstan

Miners’ Culture Palace, Karaganda, Central Kazakhstan

Caspian Sea coast in Aktau, West Kazakhstan
Sunset on the Caspian Sea coast, Aktau, West Kazakhstan

Winter harmony, Central Kazakhstan


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