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nomadic "Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan" company - group and individual tours in Central Kazakhstan (sightseeing, bicycle, trekking, photo, birdwatching, city-tours, etc.)

Ecological tourism in Central Kazakhstan - places and routes

www.kasachstanreisen.de - web-site of Dagmar Schreiber, a traveller and an author of guidebooks on Kazakhstan in German and English

www.kazachstanreizen.nl - web-site of a tourist company from the Netherlands, specialized in tours to Kazakhstan

Ecotourism in Kazakhstan - Ecotourism Information Resource Centre in Almaty

Almaty-Info - Information Centre of Almaty

"Wild Nature" NGO - Ecotourism in Aksu-Zhabagly area

BackpackING - theorie and practice of independent travels

Kazakhstani speleologists' web-site - scientific, sporting, research and tourist activity of the Central-Asian Kartstological and Speleological commission ("Kaspeco")

tri The Regional Initiative (TRI) - international community, uniting organizations of South Asia, Central Asia and Eatsern Europe, and working in the field of sustainable tourism development on regional level

Caravanistan - a Silk Road travel guide

Zerafshan Tourism Board (ZTB)- public association of touroperators, service-providers and other organizations, interested in development of community-based tourism in Zerafshan valley.


Karaganda Regional Ecological Museum

Centre for coordination and information on ecological education "EcoObraz"
- sustainable development of Kazakhstan through development and implementation of educational programs

Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan () - Kazakhstani NGO, working with the aim of sustainable concervation of wildlife biodiversity.

Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU)


VeloAlmaty - web-site of the initiative group of the Almaty city cyclists


veters "Veter stranstviy" magazine - hunting, fishing, mountaineering and tourism in Kazakhstan and beyond its limits

"Discovery Central Asia" magazine - travel and tourism in Central Asia

"EX" magazine
- Rissian magazine for extreme travels and adventures

"Industrialnaya Karaganda" newspaper - life of Karaganda and Karaganda region

"The Traveller's Diary" magazine

"Noviy vestnik" newspaper

"Vzglyad na sobitiya" newspaper

 "Mir puteshestviy" magazine - one of the leading Kazakhstani edition on tourism, leisure and travel.

limpopo "Limpopo Outdoor" Company - Everything for active sports and leisure

limpopo_krg Shop "Limpopo Outdoor (Karaganda)" - Everything for active sports and leisure in Karaganda

bassar "Bassar Electronics" company - navigation devices, geodesic and construction eqiupment, binoculars, radio sets, satellite phones.


Herman's homepage
- web-site of Norwegian cyclist Herman Veldhuizen

My travel diary - Blog of Pavel Muzyka, a Ukrainian traveller

PrivetMiru - Web-site of Olga Tropinina, a Kazakhstani traveller

Steppe by Steppe - Side by Side
- a Journey on Four Wheels by Megan Kerr and Roger Chao from Australia


Zmey.KZ - Internet-portal for sporting kites

Mountain Photography - photographic application to the web-site trekkingclub.ru (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia)

City of Pskov history - Pskov region local lore

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