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Avalon Historico-Geographical Society in cooperation with Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan support travelling groups and individuals in Central Kazakhstan.

We can provide you with a car and a driver, so you will be able to reach the places unattainable for an ordinary tourist (about $60* a day plus $o.18* per each kilometer of the trip);

Our guides and interpreters are ready to keep your company and help you to travel in strange lands and in contacts with local people (from $25* a day);

Our partners in different corners of Central Kazakhstan are ready to accommodate you (from $17* a day in homestay or hotel).

We have all necessary equipment and gear (tents, sleeping bags and pads, backpacks, GPS etc) which can be useful for you in expeditionary conditions (price of rent and amount of guarantee depend on the item).

At last, we can organize for you any trip you like at any theme and in any place. Just write us what you want and we will try to help you.

Contact us!

And, among other things, we know Kazakhstan better than anyone else knows and you can make sure of it having read Avalon Kazakhstan eBook (the 4th edition has been published in 2008).

So, before leaving for Kazakhstan read this book, it's worth of it!

* prices indicated are as of January of 2016

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