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One million steps for the three of us


Chapter 3. SNOW AND SUN

It is not a plain,
the climate is different here
Vladimir Vysotskiy

(July 2004)

Almaty the gorge Alma-Arasan the gorge Prokhodnoe Space station Institute named after Shtenberg Big Almaty lake pass Ozerniy valley of the river Chon-Kemin pass Kok-Airyk Chon-Sary-Oy Cholpon-Ata

How many times I have heard carelessly hurled words: Ah, youre going to Issyk-Kul. But there and then are only two days of walking. About the fact that you will have to cross two passes, one of which is covered with snow, about forced crossing of the mountain rivers while it is raining, about ascents and descents on the ground that is slipping from under the feet, about shooting down your head rocks from the middle of nowhere and about other surprises which are peculiar to the mountains these people obviously have never heard. Really, its very popular itinerary. The joke of those days: Well, next time will go to Dubai as anyone who takes the trouble to go to Issyk-Kul goes there, it even hurts. Im not going to argue with the fact that it is possible to get to Issyk-Kul in two days. Right, people go there (but accompanied with the instructor and using shorter way), but for us traveling is not sport, it is life. And from life you should not only obtain results but pleasure as well. And so were choosing difficult way

As the matter of fact weve chosen not usual itinerary. It cant be called straight and short. It took us six days to get from Almaty to Issyk-Kul. But those were such days that we were not bored during any single minute. Each step, each turn was fraught with something new and unknown, pleasant and dangerous, but in any way very interesting and exciting for the kind of adventurers like we were.

Vitaliy Shuptar, Sasha Yermolyonok, Zhenya Yermolyonok, Marina Belyaeva, Lena Ismaylova
Our group

Just a couple of words what we are like. We are the members of Karaganda historico-geographical society Avalon (Vitaliy Shuptar, the brothers Yermolyonok Sasha and Zhenya, Marina Belyaeva) and also the girl who hasnt been yet the member of the Society because of her young age (13 y.o.) Lena Ismaylova.




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