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Within the framework of ecological tourism development projects "Avalon" and its partners have organized a number of rural eco-sites in Kazakhstan, which provide homestay services. On this page you can find information about them.

Shabanbai Bi village
Kyzylarai mountains, Karaganda region

Shabanbai Bi and Kyzylarai on Wikitravel
Shabanbai Bi and Kyzylarai in media

"Sulutas" guest-house
Owners: Askar Murassov (eco-site's coordinator), Raushan Duysembekova
Tel. +7 71037 26247, mob. +7 777 109 2603 (Askar), +77753306072 (Raushan)
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"Aksoran" guest-house
Owners: Sandybai Duysembekova, Korlan Kulymzhanova
tel. +7 71037 26340
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"Saltanat" guest-house
Owners: Kuandyk Azimbayev, Saltanat Kapassova
tel. +7 71037 26222
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"Begazy" guest-house
Owners: Maulen Kulymzhanov
tel. +7 71037 26289
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"Sat" guest-house
Owners: Zeinel Ashirbekova, Duman (Taitileu) Shadin
tel. +7 71037 26275, 26232
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"Zhan" guest-house
Owners: Kenzhetai Zhumabekov, Meiramgul Kapasheva
tel. +7 71037 26329, 26255
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"Nur" guest-house
Owners: Marzhan Kanatbekkyzy, Zhandos Rysmagambetov
tel. +7 71037 26331
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Kurmety village
Kungey-Alatau mountains, "Kolsai koldery" national park buffer zone, Almaty region


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Price list of Kurmety eco-site for 2018

"Kaskator" guest-house
Owners: Zhomart Shegebayev (eco-site's coordinator), Alma, Nurlan Shegebayev
mob. +7 778 4094284, +7 771 4072022, +7 771 4002860 (Zhomart), work tel. +7 72740 25280 (Alma, the phone is at school, where she is working, there is email too:
15, Tynyshtykbayuly St.

"Nurtas" guest-house
Owners: Koshimbai Sharipov
Tel. +7 72740 25260
25, Mananbayev St.
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"Alikhan" guest-house
Owners: Iliyas Darkenbayev, Dinara Khanzhazova
Mob. +7 775 466 2955 (Dinara, whatsapp)
17, Mananbayev St.

"Sungat" guest-house
Owners: Zhandos Zhanenov
11, Tynyshtykbayuly St.

"Dinara" guest-house
Owners: Dinara Sadvakassova
Mananbayev St.

"Senim" guest-house
Owners: Amangeldy Tynybayev
5, Mananbayev St.

"Miras" guest-house
Owners: Botagoz Mamanova
12, Tynyshtykbayuly St.

Sarlyk village
Ulytau mountains , Karaganda region

Sarlyk and Ulytau in Ulytau Guidebook by Avalon Travel Guides

Owners: Aitzhan Sarsenov
tel. +7 71035 23137
8, Zhumanov St.
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Owners: Galiya Iskakova
tel. +7 71035 21156, mob. +7 771 2857997
13-2, Amangeldy St.
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Algabas village
Buiratau national park, Akmola region

Owners: Zhamshit Akhmetov
tel. +7 71633 53720
16, Shaiken Tursynbaiuly St.
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* Please keep in mind, that before visiting any of the homestays mentioned above, it is advised to contact the owners and book your stay (you can also do this through Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan company which keeps in touch with majority of them,as a rule, organizing travels in Kyzylarai, Ulytau and Kolsai). It makes sense, because not all homestays work on regular basis and can receive tourists all year round.

** Communication with homestays, situated in distant rural areas, far away from big roads and good connection, is often a problem. Landline phones can be accessible only in the evening, while mobile phones can be available only occasionally (especially when there is no mobile connection coverage in the village itself, and the homestay owners are online not very often). So, be patient and go on!


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