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The first of its kind tourist map-scheme of Kyzylarai has come off the press. It had been elaborated by "Avalon" PF in the framework of the second phase of the GEF/UNDP SGP project "Ecotourism in Central Kazakhstan: conservation of the protected areas natural resources and creation of economic opportunities in the rural areas".

The map-scheme contains map of the central part of the mountain massif (with marked and unmarked paths as well as arranged camping sites on it), maps of Aktogai and Shabanbai Bi, situational scheme of tourist attractions of Kyzylarai, situated both at the reserve territory and its surroundings and some distance from it (Zheltau and Begazy mountains), as well as some useful travel information (transport schedule, useful contacts, some Kazakh words may be of use for getting arouns, etc.).

The map has been issued in 2 language versions: English and Russian. Its dimensions are 29.7 x 42.2 cm – when spread out, 10,5 x 15 cm – when folded-down.



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