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purchasing and activation info

The Avalon Kazakhstan eBook v1.4e is sold in a digital form. It means that a customer gets this product as software only without any material objects.

NOTE 1. In order to view this eBook in a more comfortable way it’s recommended to have screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
NOTE 2. The Avalon Kazakhstan eBook can only operate in Windows environment.

Present edition has some levels of protection and therefore presupposes several limitations in its use:
- The Avalon Kazakhstan eBook begins to operate properly only after necessary payment and activation are made (at the same time, the trial version operates without payment as well).
- Information from the eBook (both textual and graphical) cannot be copied or printed.

In order to purchase Avalon Kazakhstan eBook a user must pay its cost (USD 7.62, the payment can be made in most other currencies as well) HERE, and download the program (Avalon_KZ_eBook_v1.4e.exe) HERE (these operations can also be done in the reverse sequence, as the download of trial full version of the eBook is free).

During 24 hours since we have received the payment, we email the activation key for the eBook to the customer (to the email indicated when purchasing).


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