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For advertiserS

All organizations that are interested in the work with foreign tourists we offer our services in advertising or free information in the guide "Avalon Kazakhstan Guide-book".

Take into consideration the fact that nothing similar to this has ever been published in English.

The felicitous combination of practical and cognitive information distinguishes our edition from both business-guides, including only useful information and visual cognitive editions, which have no practical value. Our book tries to combine useful and pleasured information.

The guide-book can be characterized as:
actuality and authenticity,
compactness and convenience in usage.


All interesting organizations for a foreign tourist (such as hotels, rest homes, restaurants, cafes, tourist agencies, air and rail agencies, firms, which render communication services etc.) will be reflected on the pages of our guide-book. For this purpose we are gathering the information concerning such institutions, we ask to fill our forms in, which are the point for completing the list of the institutions and these forms help us collect opinions on the work of the institutions. The information that includes the necessary services for a tourist will be replaced in the guide-book free of charge. Our Society has a right to fix the volume of such information.

If you are interested in putting such information, phone us or put in an application, naming your institution, and we mail the necessary form out.


Also we offer commercial advertising services for putting your commercials in the guide-book on glossy paper or in the middle of the text. A sample of your advertisement can be produced either our specialists or yours.

We conclude a treaty with an advertiser for rendering a service, which regulates our collaboration till the guide’s publishing.

The standard way of payment according to the treaty is 100% cashless prepayment. However, in some cases when the price for putting an advertisement is above 70,000 tenge, we consider a possibility of payment by installments. In any case such moments are stipulated with our representative.

Here you can acquaint yourself with the price for advertising services - Prices.

According to your demand we can mail you the project of the treaty out (you should point out the side for making the advertisement, its module and size).

The book will be sold abroad, including the help of the website of our Society and the foreign institutions of Kazakhstan. In the territory of Kazakhstan the guide-book will be sold in the hotels and foreign embassies.

You should know the advertisement published in ‘Avalon Kazakhstan Guide-book’ is long-range outlook, and it will return interest for not only a month but for years.

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